Integration Staking

Say I had a non custodial wallet and wanted to implement algo staking.

Can anyone point me to the docs for integration?

I looked at Dev Docs but nothing was readily apparent.

(I am not a developer but scouting on behalf of the dev team)

algo staking is automatic by the protocol… you just need to collect staking rewards by incomming or outgoing algo transaction (can be zero self signed tx)

There are three different things that people call “staking” on Algorand:

  1. If you have Algos on your wallet, as @scholtz mentioned above, you automatically get participation rewards. No need to do anything. To compound those rewards, you need to make transactions from/to your account. See and How Algorand Rewards Distribution Works | PureStake
  2. You can also participate in governance, which will earn you additional rewards. However, the commitment period ended. But you can participate for the next period. See
  3. You can also run a participation node and participate in the consensus protocol. There are no rewards for that. However, this is very good for the health of the blockchain. See
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