Introduction to off-chain transactions

Currently I am using typical smart contract in my system, but the time cost waiting for confirmation is too large. I have heard that the off-chain contract could faciliate the process, so I am looking for some introduction about off chain smart contract.

Any recommendation?

By time cost do you mean the 5-10 seconds it takes to verify the transaction is finalized?

Thanks for your reply @JasonW .

Yes the time cost I mentioned is the time of verifying the transaction on the smart contract. I am wondering whether there are solutions to reduce that amount of time, since I am pursueing a lower latency on the transaction verification. Maybe the off-chain smart contract could help?

That latency is basically the block time. The transaction is verified very quickly. Layer 2 contracts are coming but are not ready yet. We are also working to drop block time significantly.

Thanks for your answer @JasonW .

Besides of the off-chain trransactions, I have another quick question about round number. Could you give me the exact definition of the term round number? I am curious about the relationship among round number, blocks and clock time.

Round number is the same as block number.
These two terms are used interchangeably.
The first block is block number 1.

Each block contains a “best-effort” timestamp chosen by the block proposer (with some restrictions).
Apart from this timestamp, the blockchain is not aware of the external world time.