Inventing New Algorand Smart Contracts using ChatGPT

Check out this new Choice Coin YouTube Demonstration on how to use chatGPT to automate writing smart contracts, automate writing research on smart contracts, and automating writing patent applications using chatGPT.


Probably worth pointing out a few things:

  1. ChatGPT is aware of PyTeal, but not Beaker. Its training set is new and limited, and contains much more about solidity
  2. As far as I know, you can’t “write a smart contract using the algorand SDK.” Maybe the future holds something like Beaker in JS - but I don’t work for the foundation.
  3. ChatGPT can be extraordinarily bad at understanding code. This is because it analyzes the names and contextual use of variables, but doesn’t actually follow the logic.

As an example: I fed ChatGPT a formal proof, and it incorrectly described a bug in the code. Why? I named a variable treasury_deposited instead of real_value_of_treasury or something like that.

A simpler example would be: ask it to describe a simple piece of code that includes a comment. Then, move the comment somewhere else in the sample, feed that back in, and ask for a new description.

Most important thing I wanted to note: ChatGPT is bad at many things (when used incorrectly), but it is especially bad at creating Algorand smart contracts. I know, because I engaged it in that conversation. Took a while to understand it was writing solidity but giving the variables “Algorand-ish” names.

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also they say the current knowledge of ChatGPT is one year old…

since than a lot of has been done in algo protocol… such as box storages, increased limits, … and in one month we are resolving the 8 resource limit which brings completely new programming ways in dapps :slight_smile:


Thanks for adding to my point. The entire space is still very new, and ChatGPT isn’t publicly trainable (i.e. my sessions don’t affect yours). So it can not be relied on for tasks like this.

  1. Beaker and PyTeal don’t matter.
  2. You can write smart contracts using the Algorand SDK.
  3. No - it uses a bi-directional auto-encoder, which is inherently logical.

Ultimately, chatGPT is a great tool for writing Algorand smart contracts.

Smart contract is terminus technicus which on algorand means you have teal code… you can write it with beaker, pyteal, teal, reach or c# (notice that there is not typescript nor algosdk)

I believe you wanted to say writing DApp … In my point of view decentralized applications uses algod or indexer enpoints as data storage and people really need just web2 knowledge to connect to swagger… Thus i would agree if you would write instead smart contracts dApps

ChatGPT is at the start and there will be development to it… At the current state it might be a tool for programmer, but will definetly not replace programmers within next 5 years… Programmers are problem solvers, and if they can solve the problem with ChatGPT faster, they will :slight_smile:

No. Smart contracts a mechanisms for transfer represented on a blockchain. More generally, terminus technicus is defined according to the inventor of a new technology.

By your own definition the correct person to define smart contract is algorand…

And algorand says in docs: Smart contract details - Algorand Developer Portal

Algorand smart contracts are pieces of logic that reside on the Algorand blockchain and are remotely callable.

Therefore i feel it supports my suggestion that only compiled teal code written to the blockchain can be called smart contract, and there is no means to write smart contracts using algosdk. Algosdk is just mean to compile and deliver smart contract to the blockchain or mean to read from the blockchain…

You can feel however you wish, but facts don’t care about your feelings. I said the inventor defines the terminus technicus, so any new inventor of technology defines the word. Algorand did not invent smart contracts on its network, it invented broken code to put data on the blockchain. There was a need for real smart contracts with transactional logic as we defined in Smart Contracts on Algorand.