Is it possible to decompile application approval program?

How to convert the application approval program to TEAL code?
Do we have this support in JS SDK?

This PR was just merged to master to provide an endpoint for disassembly:

But it isn’t available in the SDKs yet and you’d have to be running the request against a master branch version of the Algod to use it.

You could use dryrun to hack it but it might be more pain than its worth.

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Thanks, Ben. When can we expect this to be available in JS SDK?
just the rough timeline if possible

Hi @humblefool , we haven’t so far prioritized getting this into the SDK’s - would you mind if I ask what your specific use case is?

SDK API endpoint support: Disassembling TEAL scripts · Issue #170 · algorand/algorand-sdk-testing · GitHub follow this issue for timing, I’m not sure when itll get scheduled though

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