Is there a way to know the minimum balance required for an account?

Is there a function in the algosdk or an API to the algodclient or indexer or any other way to get the minimum balance required for an account address?

I require this information to add validations before creating a transaction.

Hi Xavier,

The min balance is now available via the API when getting balance information for an account.


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It’s mentioned in the documentation but when I hit the endpoint, the field is not returned in the response

Which node / API service are you using?

This works using the node for example:

$ curl -s | jq
  "amount": 300200,
  "amount-without-pending-rewards": 300200,
  "apps-local-state": [],
  "apps-total-schema": {
    "num-byte-slice": 0,
    "num-uint": 0
  "assets": [],
  "created-apps": [],
  "created-assets": [],
  "min-balance": 100000,
  "pending-rewards": 0,
  "reward-base": 27521,
  "rewards": 0,
  "round": 20506211,
  "status": "Offline"

(jq is just here to pretty print the response)

I was using
I’ll use the one you sent now.
Thank you