Algorand Token transactions on USDC

Hello @fabrice ,

Can you please help us with some apis where we can query the USDC token transactions on Algorand , we need specifically mint and burn operations. Is there a way to query directly from node or any apis for now is fine.

You can check the reserve address by querying asset id:


and then you can check all incomming or outgoing transactions with usdc token from that account:

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List of public indexer nodes is available here: AlgorandPublicData/public-indexer-providers.json at main · scholtz/AlgorandPublicData · GitHub

Accessible to fetch from browsers/other apps:

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Thanks for helping out with this Apis . Can we get these details from the node . We have an archival node up and running and most of the transactions types are like axfer, do we have any specific types for mint or burn

You need an actual indexer to make such queries.
The indexer is the best way to access and query historical transactions.
This is a separate software from an archival node.

See Indexer - Algorand Developer Portal

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