Is there any transaction creation rate limit?

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I am running some experiments on Algorand’s performance. In this regard, I am creating batches of transactions by some nodes. I wanted to ask if there is any limit on the number of transactions created by one node on Testnet/Mainnet? If yes, what is the limit?
I need to ensure about that if any mechanism is slowing down the transaction creation by the nodes to prevent any possible DoS attack.

I look forward to hear your idea in this regard.

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You need to load balance across multiple nodes. @d13co (with assistance from @urtho) have run several such load tests in the real world. They are probably the most knowledgeable about doing that.

Here is a Twitter thread discussing one of their recent tests.

They did a second on about a week later. No formal write ups yet so the Twitter thread is a good place to start to see what has been done already.

D13 also did a swap test quite some time ago. Network capabilities have increased significantly since then though. The write for that is here. Benchmarking Algorand AMM 1:1 real world swap performance |

Hopefully that helps you some.

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Cool! Thank you so much!

Hi, I’ve been running some stress testing on an AVM based network. Most people think that the transaction fee on the AVM is fixed - but it isn’t. There’s a very elegant mechanism for transaction fees to increase significantly as the local node starts to experience congestion. I haven’t been able to find out much about exactly how it is triggered but I have witnessed it in action using the “spambot” that Urtho created.

There’s some info here:

Structure - Algorand Developer Portal.

Thank you so much for your response. You mean that transactions with a higher fee have more priority in congestion?