Performance test/ stress test

Hello all,

As Algorand has never faced high workload or stress situations, I am interested in implementing a stress tester on this network to observe its performance in terms of TPS, transaction confirmation time, block size, and block time.
Considering the current max throughput is around 8000, I intend to send 8000 or more transactions to the network.
Have you had any experience with similar tests?
Could you provide insights into the potential reactions of the network?
I would appreciate hearing your expectations on this matter :slight_smile:

algorand had a stress tests… for example on jan 1st this year more then 30M txs were submited throughout the day… also before there were benchmarks for the amm swaps currently at around 3k swaps/s to my knowledge… also raw txs tests and this was somewhere at 10k txs/s

voitest is doing stress tests quite regularly and if you want they have even budget to give out for this

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Thank you for your response. Cool! Are there any published results from these tests available? I wasn’t able to find anything on Voitest. Could you please provide me with a link for more information or a way to contact them directly?

this is quite old, perhaps someone have something newer:

regarding voi, just search voi network discord in google :slight_smile: