MainNet and Testnet Upgrade: v2.0.6

Dear Algorand Community,

We are proposing a new MainNet and TestNet release, v2.0.6, targeted for availability Wednesday 4/22/2020 which will include miscellaneous bug fixes and small changes. This change requires a consensus upgrade. Since this is a consensus upgrade, the voting threshold of 90% must be successfully reached before the network upgrades. Once the threshold is met, the upgrade-required window of 140k blocks (or approximately 7 days) will begin. If you have not upgraded your client by the end of the upgrade-required window the node will cease to be a part of the Algorand network. For an in-depth explanation on Alogrand network upgrades, please visit

As mentioned above, this release isn’t focused around a major feature, but rather focuses on small quality-of-life changes and bug fixes. For a full list of these changes, you can reference the following BetaNet releases that are planned to be rolled into this upcoming MainNet and TestNet release, v2.0.6:

BetaNet Release 1*
BetaNet Release 2*

*Note: BetaNet versioning is different from MainNet and TestNet. Those links above are accurate despite the differences in version numbers.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Hi All,
We are delaying the previously communicated network upgrade, v2.0.6. This release is now targeted for availability on May 6th, 2020 for MainNet and TestNet. This delay is being implemented based on community feedback to allow for orderly conclusion of the Limited Key Rotation Program for the 200M ALGO Staking Rewards Program. The program is set to end at block 6,400,000 which corresponds roughly to the end of April 2020. For details of the Limited Key Rotation Program please visit:

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Is this still on track for may 6th?

Yes, plans have not changed.

Hi All,

The network upgrade to v2.0.6 is now available. Please upgrade at your earliest convenience.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

When does the consensus protocol actually change - at what block?
After upgrading my node still shows:
Last consensus protocol:
Next consensus protocol:

There is a voting period, you can see in the blocks. After a number of hours if the vote is passed a 10k period starts and then the consensus change is in effect.

    "currentProtocol": "",
"nextProtocol": "",
"nextProtocolApprovals": 28,
"nextProtocolVoteBefore": 6508522,
"nextProtocolSwitchOn": 6648522,
"upgradePropose": "",
"upgradeApprove": false

Where can I see this information?
My betanet/dev show e5f565421d720c6f75cdd186f7098495caf9101f for last/next
and my testnet/mainnet both show 4a9db6a25595c6fd097cf9cc137cc83027787eaa

It is on each block as it is produced by the chain - a recent example

"round": 6516416,
"period": 0,
"reward": 120327,
"rate": 26000001,
"frac": 2395223602,
"txns": {},
"timestamp": 1588855076,
"currentProtocol": "",
"nextProtocol": "",
"nextProtocolApprovals": 5507,
"nextProtocolVoteBefore": 6518523,
"nextProtocolSwitchOn": 6658523,
"upgradePropose": "",
"upgradeApprove": true


Ah, there she is indeed… goal ledger block xxx …