Metadata hash fields

is the metadata hashfield refer to the hash we created on asset creation? I’m not seeing it match to what I sent, is there a particular hash we should use?

The MetaDataHash field is optional and immutable at creation of the asset. It allows 32-bytes of arbitrary data storage.

A common use is for an NFT creator to hash the source digital asset and include the resulting value into MetaDataHash field. This makes it very easy for someone else to validate authenticity of a given digital asset by comparing both the CreatorAddress and MetaDataHash fields to the known creator’s address and results of hashing the digital file.

Thanks Ryan, is there a particular hash algorithm to use for the 32byte? I’m just not seeing the values matching what I created to the info on explorer.

Currently there is no specification on what to write in this hash field.
I guess most people would use SHA-256 or SHA-512/256 or Keccak-256.

Thanks! Let me give that a try.