Missing Authentication Token, C# tutorial

Hello, I’m knew to Algorand. Im following along with the .net tutorial. I’m getting the error Missing Authentication Token. In the tutorial I’m not sure if the Auth token I need is one from the Algorand api or from the 3rd party api?

I see now it’s from purestake.

Thanks in advance

I have my API token now but Im still getting this error: Error calling AccountInformation: {“message”:“Missing Authentication Token”}

Can you post your code here between triple backquotes ```?
(Replace the token by XXXX)

        AlgodApi algodApiInstance = new AlgodApi(ALGOD_API_ADDR, ALGOD_API_TOKEN);
        public ViewModel ViewModel { get; set; }
        public MainWindow()


            ViewModel = new ViewModel();
            DataContext = ViewModel;

        private async void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            await Task.Run(() =>
                var accountInfo = algodApiInstance.AccountInformation("VYFF3MXAXWGHNIAEUVINZZHEW2MH5HKTXEACXUTZ3HHADIBPT5ATJGR6K4");
                //ViewModel.AccountAddress = string.Format("Account Balance: " + accountInfo.Amount + " MicroAlgos");
                string address = string.Format("Account Balance: " + accountInfo.Amount + " MicroAlgos");


Ive tried this sample code as well

                var supply = algodApiInstance.GetSupply();
                Console.WriteLine("Total Algorand Supply: " + supply.TotalMoney);
                Console.WriteLine("Online Algorand Supply: " + supply.OnlineMoney);
            catch (ApiException e)
                Console.WriteLine("Exception when calling algod#getSupply: " + e.Message);

                var transParams = algodApiInstance.TransactionParams();
                Console.WriteLine("Transaction Params: " + transParams.ToJson());
            catch (ApiException e)
                throw new Exception("Could not get params", e);


I’m fixing your post. You need to use triple backquotes, not triple quotes

My bad, thanks allot

How are you importing AlgodApi?
Are you using v2?
Can you print ALGOD_API_TOKEN to be sure it matches the token you got on https://developer.purestake.io?

Can you try in console:

curl -X GET “https://testnet-algorand.api.purestake.io/ps2/v2/status” -H “x-api-key:WriteHereYourApiKey”

I imported the AlgoApi via nuget.
How can I determine if Im using v2 or not?
Here’s my printout: ``` catchpoint":"",“catchpoint-acquired-blocks”:0,“catchpoint-processed-accounts”:0,“catchpoint-total-accounts”:0,“catchpoint-total-blocks”:0,“catchpoint-verified-accounts”:0,"

What using line do you have on top of your .cs file?

using Algorand.Algod.Api;
not sure why my post are not coming through

You need to close the triple backquotes

my code

Can you show all the using involving Algorand?

It should be:

using Algorand.V2;

and nothing else most likely.


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Thanks allot for your help, my problem was that I didn’t have .V2. The example I was following did not state that.


Which example did you use so that we can fix it?

I just noticed this, either it was updated or I missed these instructions because the video I originally watched was based off of this tutorial which has the correct sdk version. Algorand Developer Portal

Here’s the video: Algorand UWP App (Smart Contract) - YouTube