Mobile wallet security doubt


unlike others blockchains were user knows both “seed phrase” and “private key”, in Algorand the only thing I know is my “seed phrase”.

In others blockchain I never put my “seed phrase” online, while my Android Algorand wallet stores directly this information (giveing even the possibility to show it and copy it with a single button).

The point is the following: I was wondering if this kind of wallet is as safe as the “others” that keep these informations completely offline.


Despite someone can give you a reasonable answer to your question, I’d say the best advice is to not trust it. Not because bad intentions, but other possible risks.

You can have a main wallet with more security considerations, and other ‘mobile’ wallet which you can have some low balance just enough to make it comfortable to use, and safe enough to lose all its funds in the worst possible case.

We hope that the team develop light-client wallets on popular OS platforms, such as windows/android/ios, with open-source code and clear instruction. I think this will attract more users and investors. good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

It is really amazing that Algorand create no fork even when the network is partitioned. An essential progress.