Private key from myalgo wallet

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I’m new and detected Algorand, it seems to be very interesting!
At Myalgo wallet I tried to create a new wallet but I didn’t found my private key. From Bitcoin I know we have always public key and private key, where can I find my private key at Algorand?

Plz help I don’t want to make a mistake.

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It is said that the private key can ben calculated from the memonic words.

I guess that the private key is stored as a ciphertext in the system.


When you create a new wallet (Add Wallet), the wallet will show all the security phrase that is the equivalent to the private key. Then, it will ask you to verify it asking for some of the words in the list. That’s the private key where your algos are stored (25 words).

As an alternative and the recommended way to store crypto in general, you can use Ledger Nano S. You will need to setup it backuping the 24 words but they will be inaccessible from your computer and it is tamper proof.



Ok, got it. So my private key is a combination of 25 words instead of BTC random letter+number combination.
Many thanks for your help! :blush:

I don’t own much crypto yet and it would be very expensive compared to what I need to store but security is very important, I agree.
Do you know if Algorand also has offline creation like MEW or similar where I can download it on GitHub and generate address offline?

You can create a wallet using myalgo, the private key is generated offline and stored in your browser locally. Just go to Add Wallet -> Create Wallet.
If you are storing small amounts of algos, it is good enough but it isn’t recommended for large amounts.


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Ok, I will try

Have a nice weekend :blush:

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