Masterkey - Private Key

I lost my private key/Mnemonic, but i had saved my masterkey is there any way on how to recover Mnemonic with Masterkey?

Welcome @cebkkokne to Algorand!

I am sorry for the issue you are experiencing.

What do you mean by “masterkey”?
Which wallet are you using? (MyAlgo, Pera Wallet, …)

I’m using MyAlgo.
Someone from Algo Community said that Mnemonic/Password etc. are stored in storage and you can access with your Masterkey v3

I am not sure what this person refers to as masterkey.

MyAlgo stores your secret keys encrypted in local storage, under the password you enter to access MyAlgo.
If you have access to MyAlgo, then you can export the secret key / mnemonic of each of the accounts by clicking on the three dots next to the account name and then “Export Account”.
As usual, be extremely careful and do not do the above on an insecure computer, when other people are present. Do not take screenshots and do not copy-paste the mnemonic in an insecure location.

If you do not have access to your accounts, then it is most likely lost. You can try to ask MyAlgo support.

Please also see this advisory from MyAlgo:

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Can i access my “Encrypted Local Storage” ?

If you cannot access your wallets using the MyAlgo website and your password, most likely the encrypted local storage got corrupted or disappeared.
In that case, it is unlikely that you can retrieve your secret keys.
I would contact the MyAlgo support (using link from their website or trying the Algorand Discord, Algorand), but this will be very difficult.

If you can access your wallets using the MyAlgo website and your password, why do you want to access the encrypted local storage?

Because you just said that my private key and password is encrypted in local storage… and i do not know where is local storage to access it… It seem MasterKey encrypts my local storage right?

I do not know what “mastkey” us.
The password is not encrypted in your local storage.
It is used to encrypt the other keys.
If you lost your MyAlgo password, it is most likely impossible to retrieve anything.