Recovering wallet

I have 512 bit long private key in hex format. How i can import it into wallet? I tried myalgo wallet and as i see it does not support importing raw private key, only in 25 words mode. But i don’t have 25 words, i have only 512 bit long private key in hex mode. How i can use it? I tried also exodus and it reports that my private key is incorrect.

Algorand private keys are 256 bit long.

If the problem is still there may be you need to try some advanced methods to get the mnemonic out of the private key if possible!?, here this link may help and may worth a try!

Hi @samson, how did you generate this private key? with the mnemonic library in Algorand’s sdk you can convert it to a 25-words mnemonic.

Problem is solved. Private key is exported from atomic wallet. I have 12 words from that atomic wallet and algorand coins is accessible to withdrawal. I just forgot, that i withdrew algorands into atomic wallet and thought, that i used myalgo wallet.

Many wallets have 3 levels of private keys. First is usually 128 bits, seconds 512 bits and third (last) 256 bits. First is usually is in mode of 12 words (electrum, metamask, polkawallet etc). Some wallets have first 256 bits and 24 or 25 words. Algorand is example of such wallet.
Here this is explained:

I am almost sure, that myalgo wallet uses same method too, i.e. there is also 3 levels of private keys, including 512 bits key, but it just does not support importing it. But is not problem if user saved original words and remember which wallet is used. I just forgot, that i used atomic wallet. Sorry for so late reply, i have severe sleep apnea and just forgot to answer.