New participation node hardware requirements

Hello, I would like to know what are the new hardware requirements in order to be able to run a participation node. I ask this because I just got a raspberry pi 4 (8GB) and now I think I might have to try to sell it. Thank you!

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A Raspberry Pi 4 8GB with an external fast SSD is fast enough to act as a node right now.
It most likely won’t participate very well (i.e., may be delayed sending votes and proposing blocks) so we strongly recommend not using such a node for significant stake.

(Note that a Raspberry Pi 4 with an SD card (even the best SD cards) won’t be fast enough even to catch up most likely.)

Up to date recommendation to participate are provided there:

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That was a fast answer, thank you! There would be an SSD. What do you consider a significant stake to be?

I guess that if you’ve less than 100kAlgos, that might be fine.

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