New project on Algorand

I am planning to create a cryptocurrency using Algorand co-chain architecture and Web3 social media website using Algorand.

Where do I find competent authorized Algorand developers to engage on developing those 2 projects?

Thanks in advance.

To quote Ludo @scholtz, it is 10 minutes to create your own ASA (Algorand Standard Asset).
Please write more about your ideas, tasks, etc, so the forum visitors can give you sound adviceā€¦

On the Algorand Developer discord there was a company posting recently advertising cross-trained PyTeal devs as a service. There is a jobs channel there.

I want to create Algorand co-chain coin that will be used as a native currency in a number of projects that will be created like Algorand Web3 social media website, online shopping mall, and crypto exchange.

It is important it is is created using Algorand co-chain architecture because I want to use private blockchain technology for my coin.

Specifically, I need to engage a competent and authorized person who can develop those projects using AlgoKit.

I would prefer engaging a company with full-time dedicated contractual agreement on the project(s) we will engage.

@Loedn ^^^ algokit project