Nft collections

I see many tutorials on how to create an NFT with algorand and have deployed some using the the Algorand SDK; however what I can’t seem to find in any documentation is how to create an NFT collection? Do you need to write a smart contract for this? Can you do this using Javascript SDK? For example I feel like I could create unique Unit name for each NFT and then query by that using an Indexer possibly and therefore it would be a “collection” but it feels hacky; Are there best practices to doing this for example in solidity you create a smart contract based on the ERC-721 standard - you can basically create a max supply then increment until max supply is reach and set a token URI and you have a basic NFT collection - how would I do this using ASA’s? What makes an NFT collection distinguishable in the Algorand blockchain?


As you mentioned Ethereum has ERC, and on Algorand we have ARC: here is the link to the repository:

NFT is a wide word.
Currently, most NFT collections are using ASA Algorand Standard Assets
Here are the 2 standards used for ASA currently:

When combined with ARC-19, ARC-3 is the most versatile one.

For metadatas, you can look at ARC-16

We don’t have any Standards for “Smart Contract” approach like ERC-721 yet.
It will come in the coming weeks with the arrival of Box Storage
Which will allow a full “Smart Contract approach”.

If you have more questions, we also have dedicated channels on our Discord.