How to segerate the NFT Collections from the assets of the same wallet address

Hi anyone help me how can i do that?
Like if i create 10 assets of 2 collections with same wallet address, 5 for 1 collection and 5 for another collection. How can i segregate them separately to create 2 collection?

i am creating the assets from the algorand javascript sdk, and i want to make collection for any algorand nft marketplace

There are ARC standards for NFTs on Algorand.

ARC3, ARC69.
Any asset metadata that meets these standards is considered an NFT.

isArc3Nft(asset: A_Asset): boolean {
        const name =;
        const url = asset.params.url;

        if (name === 'arc3') {
            return true;
        if (name && name.slice(name.length - 5) === '@arc3') {
            return true;
        if (url && url.slice(url.length - 5) === '#arc3') {
            return true;

        return false;
async isArc69(asset: A_Asset): Promise<A_Nft_MetaData_Arc69> {
        const {transactions} = await this.indexer.searchForTransactions().assetID(asset.index).txType("acfg").do();
        transactions.sort((a, b) => b["round-time"] - a["round-time"]);

        for (const transaction of transactions) {
            try {
                const noteBase64 = transaction.note;
                const noteString = atob(noteBase64)
                    .replace(/[^ -~]+/g, "");
                const arc69MetaData: A_Nft_MetaData_Arc69 = JSON.parse(noteString);
                if (arc69MetaData.standard === NFT_STANDARDS.ARC69) {
                   //This is arc69 NFT
            } catch (err) {


response to your answer,

my question is not about the which nft is arc3 or arc69.

my question is that if i create assets from same algorand account, but i want these assets to be called a new collection in the nft marketplace. like how we can define that my assets created are part of which collection.