NFT Standards Feedback

For anyone building NFT related tools or applications, The ARC3 standard was marked as Last Call last night. This means that if no objections are noted it will be finalized in the coming days.

For reference:

As part of the discussion around the ARC3 some additional features were noted to be standardized as well including things like Collections.

I’ve created an issue for collecting feedback on what other features might be needed here:

And broke Collections out into its own issue here:

Please be sure to comment with any relevant details that will help create a standard format for these things.


will there be some identifying name for fractionalized NFT’s if that does go ahead? I can’t see why it could not have an edition number like sculpture is given? in Art the artist nominates the number of editions that may be made from a mould before it must be destroyed and each edition is numbered. usually 6 copies for bronze.

There is no way to uniquely identify individual units of a fractional NFT. You’d probably want to create some number of them or have a SC that can enforce the set number of editions.

I could be missing what you’re saying though, I have 0 background in Art :slight_smile:

It’s not art it’s land