Tokens in the Notes Field - ARC-01 is now available

This evening we launched a node module and standards proposal for issuing/transferring tokens via the notes field in Algorand transactions. We’ve called it “ARC-01”, with the hope that the community can help improve the flexibility and validation of the standard as a whole by adding their feedback.

Right now if you pull down the node module, you’ll find a number of functions you can use to convert a standard javascript object into an encoded payload for use in the notes field of a transaction. The “Basic” token type handles issuing and transferring tokens by having the issuer maintain the totals, and the “Security” token type has a number of additional functions for managing compliance, distribution, and even adding documents to a previously-created token.

Comments and feedback welcome!



Awesome @jciruolo- Great that you are sharing this with the community!

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Thanks for all the feedback we’ve received so far! I posted an article on Medium today describing our reasoning for ARC-01 and where we think it could go as we continue to flesh out the proposal. Take a look: