Notary services in Algorand

Hi to the forum, here am I at my first post on this forum. I’d like to start investigating the content notarization use case. Such use case is easily doable in blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum simply storing the hash of a file in a transaction and thus at a block height. I’d appreciate and thank in advance for any link to examples/tutorials/projects about this use case in Algorand.

Hi and welcome to the Algorand forums!

You can store any data up to 1KB in size in the notefield of any transaction on Algorand.

In the First Transaction section of the docs, it shows you how to create and send a payment transaction with a message of “Hello World” in the note field for all SDK languages and on the command line with goal. You can simply sub “Hello World” for a hash of some data. I’d recommend starting there. Here is the section where you specify the note:

There are also a few tutorials on writing to and reading from the notefield here:





Thanks Liz. It’s sounds handy.

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