Transaction note size

I want to know if there is a hardcoded limit to the size of a transaction? I want to use the notes that can be attached to transactions, I saw somewhere 1024 bytes, is this correct? Or can I go higher than this amount of space?

Thank you.

The Algorand blockchain was not meant for storing large amount of data. It’s oriented toward supporting high transactional throughput. In order to achieve that, some tradeoffs have been made.

One of these tradeoffs is limited transaction size. The recommended solution is to use the notes field to store the hash and URL of an internet storage location where the data resides, while using the blockchain as the “proof” or “registry” of the existence for the data.

This is, by the way, a very common patten when creating NFT - the NFTs contain some rich HTML/JPEG content that is stored in an external URL. The said URL is stored on the blockchain.

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