Token Issuance and Smart Contract design plan


Many decentralised applications require token issuance and manageable/transparent logic on chain. I have seen Evan’s note based token but this requires an extra layer to make it workable and unless there are standards it will get messy very quickly.

I know there are eventual plans for smart contracts but it would be helpful to be able to see what directions are being looked at and what the design plans are. Is there any information available.



Can you give some more detail on how using the note field is cumbersome? As soon as we have some things we can share on our smart contracts we will definitely do that!


Thanks Jason,

If we use the notes field then we will either need to constantly trawl the chain or maintain the state of what those notes build. The interface to that state building mechanism would need to be rigorously defined or there would be different interpretations leading to potential errors. Also, without a blueprint of what these will end up building, the upgrade path will get progressively more painful.

Having a contract memo field on an address would allow a central point of reference and having a secondary notes field for transaction data, although not essential, would give greater flexibility.