NFT drop :delayed release

Is there any way in algorand to create a delayed NFT drop?
Where the NFT which is minted has a locked metadata hash and anyone purchase that NFT.
After a particular date that NFT will be released and the buyer can actually see what they bought.

I am unaware of a way to perform any type of delayed operations on the blockchain.

You’d need some sort of an external agent that would send the transactions to “unlock” the content of the NFTs when time comes.

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As @tsachi said, the blockchain cannot by itself trigger operations.You always need an external software triggering it.

In your case, you can use a smart contract to handle most of the logic. The smart contract would store in local storage of users the hash of the NFT metadata that is promised.
Then later, users can come to the website to reveal their NFTs and receive it.
The smart contract can check that the revealed NFT matches the hash of the NFT metadata easily.

You will however need the user to opt-in to the NFT at that point which means the user will need to sign something. You can use AlgoSigner/WalletConnect/MyAlgoConnect for that purpose.