Node crash after start

Hi I’m back at attempting to make this node run again and I’m losing my patience with unknown issues.

After many cleanups and reinstalls, I keep getting the same.

After starting the node, I get a successful output that the node started, however it crashes as soon as, no algod process, nothing.

This is my node.log latest:
{“file”:“wsNetwork.go”,“function”:“*WebsocketNetwork).maybeSendMessagesOfInterest",“level”:“info”,“line”:1181,“msg”:"msgOfInterest Enc=nil, MOIGen=1”,“name”:“”,“time”:“2022-10-05T21:59:20.484339+02:00”}

{“event”:“Disconnected”,“file”:“wsNetwork.go”,“function”:“*WebsocketNetwork).removePeer",“level”:“info”,“line”:2186,“local”:“”,“msg”:"Peer disconnected: ReadError”,“name”:“”,


This is my algod-err.log
panic: unaligned 64-bit atomic operation

goroutine 459 [running]:


runtime/internal/atomic/unaligned.go:8 +0x24

runtime/internal/atomic.Xadd64(0xc27c08c, 0x1)

runtime/internal/atomic/atomic_arm.s:256 +0x14*wsPeer).handleFilterMessage(0xc27c000, {{0xe080e0, 0xc27c000}, {0x34bcbb2, 0x2}, {0x7a7ab00, 0x20, 0x20}, {0x0, 0x0}, …}) +0xf0*wsPeer).readLoop(0xc27c000) +0x57c

created by*wsPeer).init +0x3b8

Can someone guide me ?

Thank you!


First off could you state some more information about the node you are trying to run?
For instance platform (Windows/Linux/MacOS etc.), the kind of node, and the Output of
goal node status


Oh my bad sure!

I am running on a rpi 4 b 8gb installed on a m2 argon with m2 ssd of 1TB.
The thing runs well and has been running in the past the node successfully.
OS is raspbian 32bit uptodate.

Everything worked fine until I updated goal to 3.10 i believe, since then it won’t start.

I’m now reinstalling everything fresh with raspbian 64bit and we’ll see…

Node config was the basic/simplest for participation, not running in archival mode, not indexer.

The output of node status was as I recall cannot connect to etcetc, algod service is not up so as expected it cannot connect to peer…

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Pgrep on algod state no process so it stopped/crashed right after saying successfully started.

Full OS reinstall 64bits this time, its faster and did not crash, lets go!

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