Number of apps per creator account

Hello community, I would like to know if there is a limitation on the number of apps to be deployed by a single creator account. For example, suppose I want to design a loan system; an approach could be creating one “app” per issued loan where I would track some global state of it.
This is doable?
What limits should I account for?
Thank you!

There is a limit of 10 (100?) - per account, what you can do is use 1 of 2 multisig accounts to generate additional number of accounts.

How that works is you have your primary account, then you generate a throwaway account, and combine the two into a multisig account with 1 voter threshold. The multisig account owns the app but your primary can execute tx as needed.

As explained by @Tim , there is a limit of 10 apps per account that you can generically bypass by using multiple accounts.

In your specific case, you may consider creating a single application and then have two types of accounts optin in:

  • accounts that optin to create a loan - their local state will store the general parameters of the loan.
  • accounts that optin to “participate” in the loan.

You still need one account per 10 loans (that you can create using @Tim 's proposal to have the same secret key for all of them - this is because accounts are limited to opt in to 10 apps) but you have a single app, which can be more convenient in some cases.

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Also, note with Stateful Smart contracts with no local storage require no opt in by users to call them.

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Oh, just a last one about the 10 maximum count. This is the number of “active” apps or historically created?
I mean, if one account creates 10 apps from some .teal source, and deletes 2, it will free “two slots” ?

Thanks in advance :wink:

deleted apps will clear the spots :slight_smile:

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one other note - we’re working on lifting that limit, so it should be reasonably temporary

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