Poll for xGov Update Proposal: Improved Reserve List Percentage (or removal)

During Voting Session 2 the Reserve List, with a 60% Project Quorum , granted 700k+ Algo, a significant amount concerning the total. In this thread the possible improvement has been discussed, with the majority of the comments favoring a high percentage for the Reserve List, if not the complete removal of the concept (equivalent to a choice of 100% for the parameter). Since there is no perfect consensus on the particular choice, please express your preference here so we can iterate the experiment with the largest majority of feedback.

Reserve List Percentage
  • 90%
  • 95%
  • 100% (equivalent to NO Reserve List)
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what happened with all options from 60 - 100 ?
nothing personal at you @michele, but can you please for once do an unbiased pool? and let people decide once and for all…

first pool we had was heavily biased towards reserve list approval, thsi one is heavily biased towards 90+ reserve list… why ask for feedback, and run a pool if you are gonna pick teh result yourself anyway… smh

to be clear personally i’m happy with the options provided…

But the pool options are biased (jsut the opposite like the previous period, when it was hevaily biase towards reserve list, now it’s biased agaisnt it) and invites people to complain about it.


As an xGov proposer, I am not going to vote in this poll but will socialize it in social media channels to try to get lots of community members to visit the thread and contribute their votes.


Adding too many options can lead to a fragmentation of votes, where the single choice could win by a narrow margin w.r.t. the rest. The previous discussion was heavily biased toward a very high percentage, if not complete removal of the Reserve List, so the current options reflect the general sentiment, let’s try to iterate and move forward.

it was based towards very high percentage by few people who were vocal about it (me including), doesnt make it true.

the whole purpose of poll is to get a better reflection of peoples decision, right now, you are asking if they want apples or they want apples.

i’m abstaining from voting for same reasons as silent, but then again result is pretty much decided anyway :wink:

edit: jsust to add if a single vote can shift final result,then we are asking wrong questions.

A reserve list should really be for frustratingly close proposals, I’m fine with either of the three, but no less tbh. I’m glad we’re moving to something like this.