xGov Voting Mechanism Improvement Proposal: Results & 2nd Iteration

These are the results of the 3 Polls (#1, #2 and #3) related with the xGov Voting Mechanism Improvement Proposal:

  1. Poll #1: Global Quorum WILL NOT BE implemented;
  2. Poll #2: Reserve List WILL BE created, with a Project Quorum >50% to be decided in this Poll;
  3. Poll #3: Minimum Requested Amount WILL BE raised to 10k Algo.

This Voting Mechanism will be implemented in the next Voting Session, with the understanding that these parameters can still be subject to further refinement during the next iteration.
Thanks to all the Governors that participated!

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Let me add on a personal note that I still support the creation of a Global Quorum (which I see as insurance against a particularly bad edge case), but I “bend the knee” to the majority of voters here in the Forum! :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the precious feedback, really appreciated!

to me it seemed like the consensus was “the global quorum gives a few whales and their technical problems the ability to shut down xgov” lot of people seemed to not like that idea