Proof of Holdings Programming

I am working on integrating a deflating protocol asset for fees and my clients on my website.

  1. Can a Dev please direct me to what I should be reading to develop:

        a. A website that requests the wallet connect (basic).
        b. Verifies the client is indeed holding said asset minimum  to enter the site.
        c. Drilling further down and making sure they are holding that coin on the tier for req. services. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

a. Wallet connect: WalletConnect - Algorand Developer Portal including live demo on TestNet. Note that there are two other main wallets for dApps used on Algorand: AlgoSigner | Algorand Wallet Extension for Chrome | PureStake and Discussion for ARCs 0005 to 0011: Wallet for dApps standard · Issue #52 · algorandfoundation/ARCs · GitHub is meant to simplify integration of all these wallets at once.
b. There is a work in progress to support proving ownership of an account. Create by scholtz · Pull Request #41 · algorandfoundation/ARCs · GitHub This is likely to change to make it more secure but that can give you a first idea.
c. Once you know ownership it’s easy to check the balance using e.g., the indexer. Note however that checking the balance proves very little: I can create 100 accounts, buy 1 token in account 1, use your website, then transfer this one token to account 2, use your website with account 2, and so on… So this does not prove much

More generally, don’t hesitate to give more information about your project so that we can guide you to the right direction.

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Thank you for the prompt reply and the links are incredibly helpful, so thanks again for that.

  1. So if the minimum requirement for Holding is say 100 of the ASA in order to be permitted then that should fix the multiple wallets?

  2. I would think that a tier based system at the login verification would be a better idea. So example Tier 1 services are 100. Tier 2 150 etc.

Basically I am envisioning Web 3.0 as to how big tech will adopt blockchain by incentivizing people to buy and hold assets to use their platform.

I have expertise that I will offer in tiered layers up to consultations.

The field I am in has a large attrition issue and the “experts” are becoming more rare and I am in a prime position to offer services.

The issue “c” above is an issue whatever the amount you choose:
you can create as many accounts as you want with only the minimum amount required.

To mitigate this issue, you may require the account to have had the assets for x days in the past or disable services if the account does not satisfy the minimum number of assets constraint anymore.