Public Undertaking to Make Progress in Internet Truthiness: Operation PUMP IT (Read Body of Post Before Commenting)

The goal of this post is to be a crowdsourced effort at identifying outdated online information and/or gaps in information related to Algorand so that the Algorand Foundation can hopefully take action with respect to it. But, don’t let that mean that you can’t take action on your own! If someone raises a good point, contact the platform regarding it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

This post is a living document that will be updated as appropriate based on feedback by the community and/or Algo Foundation.

In order for this to be meaningful and orderly, it is important to lay down some structure.

Before you Comment
–Read this Post regarding structure of comments.
–Read the comments to make sure your submission hasn’t already been covered.
–Exercise good judgment.

What this thread is for:
–Identifying significant errors/omissions in the Foundation’s website (e.g. does it list a defunct project, state incorrect TPS, etc.)
–Identifying significant errors/omissions on the pages of major crypto platforms/websites (think things like CoinMarketCap, DappRadar, etc) that pertain to Algorand generally (e.g. listing incorrect token vesting information, linking to AlgoExplorer, citing to defunct wallets etc.)
–Identifying pages of major crypto platform/website listings where Algorand or Algorand projects lack a presence (e.g. DexScreener).

What this thread is NOT for:
–Reporting particular stories, tweets, posts, etc. (e.g. “I think this article is wrong”).
–Asking AF to engage in paid marketing.
–Complaining about a general lack of “news” on platforms (e.g. “I think Y platform should have more news stories about Algo”) without specific actionable information on how to do so.

Structure of Comments
To try to make things easy, try to adhere to the following structure for each item: [Flair] - [Cite] - [Brief Description].

Flair - Please try to use the following flair: (a) AF Website; (b) Platform Misinformation; (c) Listing Request. These can be stacked as applicable (see comment for an example)

Cite - Please provide a specific URL to which the issue relates. If there is no specific URL (e.g. it is an app), provide enough information to make it meaningful.

Brief Description - Concisely explain what needs to be changed/added and why. If you have specific information on how this could be acted on, include it here.

I have provided some examples below in the first comment. They are not exhaustive. This is a community effort. So dig in and help out. Just because I list a website/platform for specific reasons does not mean there are not other issues to address.


AF Website - Ecosystem | Algorand Foundation - Lists Metrika as infrastructure but Metrika no longer provides services now that it has been migrated to Allo.

Platform Misinformation/Listing Request - CoinMarketCap (Algorand price today, ALGO to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap) - On the left hand side, where it says “chain explorers”, it lists only AlgoExplorer and Algoscan. That should be deleted and Allo, Pera Explorer, Bitquery, and Blockstalker should be added. Likewise, under “supported wallets”, it has a dead link for the Algorand Wallet. This should be changed to Pera Wallet. Likewise, Defly, Exodus, Fireblocks, Lute, and Kibisis should be added.

Platform Misinformation/Listing Request - TradingView (applicable to all trading pages) - On the right hand side at the bottom of any trading pair page, where it says “explorers”, it lists only AlgoExplorer and Algoscan. That should be deleted and Allo, Pera Explorer, Bitquery, and Blockstalker should be added. Likewise, under “supported wallets”, it has a dead link for the Algorand Wallet. This should be changed to Pera Wallet. Likewise, Defly, Exodus, Fireblocks, Lute, and Kibisis should be added.

Platform Misinformation/Listing Request - CoinGecko ( - On the left hand side, under “explorers” it fails to list Bitquery and Blockstalker. Under “Wallets”, it fails to list most major Algo wallets, such as Pera, Defly Exodus, Fireblocks, Lute, and Kibisis.

Listing Request - DEXscreener ( - Algorand and all major Algorand DEXes should be listed. DEXscreener is a tool used by traders to find new coins to invest in and is the most popular such tool. By failing to have a presence on DEXscreener, we are making ourselves invisible to a lot of aggressive traders.

Listing Request - NFT Drops ( - This is a tool for NFTs to announce to the general crypto world when they will have new drops. No Algorand NFT projects appear to use it. This is not an AF specific listing request, but AF could enhance visibility by having NFT projects promote there.

Platform Misinformation - TokenUnlocks ( - Incorrectly lists Algo’s token distribution/unlock schedule.

Platform Misinformation - DropsTab ( - Incorrectly lists Algo’s token distribution/unlock schedule (see bottom right).


I reached out to my contacts at each of these companies. My CMC contact no longer works at the company, but Ill try to contact them via DM.


Listing Request - - Algorand and all major Algorand DEXes should be listed in Birdeye. Birdeye has all the popular and smaller chains listed. Also has cross-chain swap and if technically feasible now or in near future, Algorand should be added there.

Listing Request - - Algorand and all major Algorand DEXes should be listed in Geckoterminal. Same reasoning as for Dexscreener and Birdeye, to make Algorand visible to general audience of crypto traders.


I’ll update the main post to make it clear, but as made clear by your post, this is not just a post it and hope AF does something. Anyone who comes here and sees something they care about and want to exert pressure on a given platform/site should do so.

Barb on.


Platform Misinformation - Kraken requires 10 confirmations (45 seconds)

Platform Misinformation/Listing Request - Token terminal is missing key metrics such as active addresses for Algorand. As a consequence Algorand deosn’t show up in most comparison tables.

Listing Request - CryptoQuant has almost no data except the price chart about Algorand.


Listing Request - I use “Delta Investment Tracker” app created by “Delta by eToro”, so might be relevant. Not sure if the eToro platform is getting it from another source as well, my search ended there. - I use Delta on a daily basis to check overall market trends. Their ASA info is completely missing. Like most, it seems to have a heavy bias towards ERC20 tokens. I can find low-cap coins (low 6-figures) on there, so I know at least a few ASA projects should qualify by that metric if that’s what they were using. I have reached out personally to their “Crypto Coin Request” page at, but no changes as of yet.


AF Website - Featured Projects Section
Featured projects should truly be Algorand featured projects that showcase and highlight Algorand’s strength and power.

  • Only list successful, top-quality projects that are active and growing.
  • Explain why they are a featured project. How is Algorand technology integrated into the project? What problems are being solved? What benefits does Algorand technology provide for the project? etc
  • Showcase real-world projects

Remove the following projects

  • CryptoSlam: If a new user clicks on the CryptoSlam link, the page is dominated by Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, etc. It’s not a project that should be featured for Algorand. It’s embarrassing for Algorand to list CryptoSlam as a featured project.
  • FLEXID: First the link takes you to an empty website. Is FlexID still alive? The project had a lot of hype, but nothing material ever manifested.

I am going to stop here because after just spending a few minutes reviewing the “Featured Projects”, I realize this whole section needs an overhaul. It’s a mess, poorly maintained, and outdated.

For example, the following projects should be listed: TravelX, AgroToken, VestaEquity, Meld Gold, Pact, Messina, Gora, ANote Music, Koibanx

As a side note, what happened to the following projects?

  • MAPay announced at Decipher that they would be launching a healthcare solution in India that would result in 100M+ NFTs
  • Is DRL still building its gaming platform on Algorand?
  • Banca d’Italia?
  • NAX - announced at the 1st Decipher that dozens of projects would be launching on Algorand. What happened?
  • FIFA technical partnership?
  • Napster?
  • Dequency?
  • Koibanx Algorand integrations?

Platform Misinformation - - CME Group operates the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which is the chief commodities futures exchange. Their blurb about Algorand incorrectly lists TPS and Finality Time.

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Listing Request - DEXTools ( - DEXtools is probably second most popular DEX trading aggregator after DEXScreener. Neither Algorand nor any of its protocols are listed.

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Listing Request - [Platform Integration] Dune Analytics

  • Cite:
  • Brief Description: Request the integration of Algorand on Dune Analytics to allow for the creation of analytics dashboards specifically for Algorand’s blockchain data. This would benefit Algorand by providing deeper insights into network activity and fostering a data-driven community.

Listing Request - [Platform Integration] Flipside Crypto

  • Cite:
  • Brief Description: Suggest the addition of Algorand to Flipside Crypto’s analytics platform to enable comprehensive analysis of Algorand’s on-chain data. This would enhance visibility into the Algorand ecosystem’s growth and user behavior, benefiting both the Algorand community with actionable insights and Flipside Crypto with a broader dataset and user base.

Platform Misinformation - [Educational Content] Binance Academy

  • Cite:
  • Brief Description: Binance Academy’s data on Algorand is outdated, listing block finality at 3.7 seconds and 6,000 TPS. The correct, updated figures are less than 3 seconds for block finality and 10,000 TPS, including complex smart contracts, at minimal cost. Updating this will ensure accurate representation of Algorand’s capabilities.

**Listing Request - [Platform Integration] Stake

  • Cite:
  • Brief Description: Recommend that Stake integrates Algorand for betting and gaming, and includes ALGO, USDC (Algorand) as well as USDT (Algorand) among its supported cryptocurrencies. This would provide Stake users with more transaction efficiency and lower costs, while introducing the Algorand ecosystem to a wider audience in the online gaming and betting sector.

Dapp Radar has out of date information. Algostake, Algofi and many others still popping up high on the list.


Believe it or not, they may actually still be in use. Their smart contracts are immutable. For example, funds still in AlgoFi are totally capable of being arbitraged by bots or otherwise traded by people who can execute the right commands from a node.


Currently reviewing backlinks for Algo Explorer and contacting companies to update their links. Will share a compressed doc once sent the first and most important requests.

To expedite, please could we all provide feedback on Algo Explorer appearing when searching for an Algorand Explorer. Details for how to submit feedback here:


Platform Misinformation - Circle

Description Explorer links are incorrect and the website still cites Algofi as a major USDC holder. Action: update defi partners listed and link to Pera Explorer (Allo doesn’t yet support a Testnet). There isn’t a contact email, and a help request has limited characters, so we need a contact to resolve this.

Can share Pera Explorer links if needed. Unable to post here due to this account being new.


Platform Misinformation - [Crypto News Platform] NewsBTC

  • Cite: Algorand News | NewsBTC
  • Brief Description: NewsBTC’s Algorand page should reflect current, accurate information, as it partners with prominent platforms like Kucoin, Tradingview, eToro, Huobi, and OKX, influencing Algorand’s perception. Regular updates and factual data are crucial for maintaining Algorand’s integrity across these influential networks.


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Oh wow. Had no clue. How can I learn more about this?

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Platform Misinformation - Kraken Exchange/App - Kraken exchange links to Algorand Explorer for the records of deposits and withdrawals.


It is good to list all these items here but any plan to get any of them done. Is the foundation following up on them?

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