Python - Django: reverse for 'standalone-account' not found

when i click add funds it shoiwng this error(def initial_funds() return… )

reverse for ‘standalone-account’ not found. standalone-account’ is not a valid view function or pattern name.

To help you we need much more context.

Hi Fabrice, Thanks for the quick response. I am following official document:

This is my code.

Error message:
in discard(sorry I am a new user I can post only two links.)

can you please guide where I am doing wrong? your answer is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Have you tried to run directly the code from:

(following the README)

If it does not work, what is the error?
If it does work, can you compare the content of the above repo with your repo?

Be also very careful to use

perfectly working. I miss-match some code. Thanks mate:) :wink: