Rand Distribution Report

Hello! Here is our report on Program III to date (bear in mind we are just over halfway).

Please let us know what you think!


Hi @ross, I didn see this in your report, but can you comment on how wash sale prevention went?

Also want ur thots on ur leaderboard today:

The secondary leaderboard:

20,000 ALGO
1 sale
3UL…36I did 1 sale in total for asset 1024410373, totaling 20,000 ALGO

You can watch here that this asset sold for 20k ALGO, and the last three sales were for 125, 125, and 200:

NFT Explorer

NFTx | FM003168

1024410373 | FM003168 | V6CK3H…BIZVFI | fracctalmonstersnft.com | Kinconur is a Plant type monster!

The facts (no assumptions or subjective statements):

  • Asset 1024410373 has previously been sold before at 135 ALGO, 125 ALGO, 200 ALGO
  • 3ULWNC…NEW36I purchases the asset on R& for 20,000 ALGO
  • The purchase signifies a 14,714% increase in price sold

Here is more facts:

To make it easier to read:

3ULWN…EW36I = Wallet A
WW6FM…WR5SY = Wallet B

  1. On 2023-06-11, Wallet A sends the initial 1 ALGO funding to Wallet B
  2. On 2024-02-24 Wallet A purchases Asset 1024410373 for 20,000 ALGO (14,714% increase from last sold) from Wallet B

Or put even more simply:

  1. Wallet A initially funds Wallet B.!
  2. Wallet A buys asset from Wallet B for 20,000 ALGO.

Thank you for your message, we discussed community feedback on suspicious activity in the “Other Remarks” section. We encourage the community to continue to reach out to us on the right channels, please see our Discord and Twitter for more information.

Thank you for the post. Other community members have already notified us of this particular trade on our Discord, where we’re monitoring communications and are best placed to take action. We removed this trade from the leaderboards yesterday. I would encourage you to also reach out via Discord in the future.

Thank you @ross !!! Is your way to handle suspcicious trades to rely on people notifying you on Discord? Askin cause there’s been multiple “suspicious” sales as you say in the past and it seems like if it doesnt get said on discord they remain in the board.

Looks like our rewards program is over… no more algofam rewards

@ross might be time to remove teh rewards banner from the site, its over and could mislead ppl into thinkin ur still running the rewards