Reading from local state an address

Hi, I use the local state to save this values concatenated (uint64/uint64/uint64/uint64/address). I understood how to read the unit64, and I’m doing it correctly I suppose (I’m decoding from b64 and then taking 8 bytes at time and converting them to ints). This works. The address I cannot read it properly. The thing I try is to take the 32 last bytes of the decoded string and then encoding them to base32. I’m getting GQQFQAXOGMVPFYTGNQWQUSJRGWXHANJBYK73N3X423WESZ3MNXOA==== and not GQQFQAXOGMVPFYTGNQWQUSJRGWXHANJBYK73N3X423WESZ3MNXOEA5FFIY.
Why? What am I doing wrong?
EDIT: I’m working on python
REEDIT: maybe I’m missing the checksum

definetly, I found also the sdk function


Yes, you’re missing the checksum:

Python SDK examples are provided in the page above for people interested.

Another recommendation:
I would highly recommend following the ABI draft

(which I think you most likely implicitly do actually - but for other people this may be useful).

This is still a draft but should be soon finalized.

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Thanks a lot Fabrice. I will take a look at it