Retrieve the amount of a swap transaction

I’m using Tinyman SDK to implement a simple swap script (I’m quite newbie both in programming and in Algorand/Crypto).
Anyway I’m playing around with their swap example, and I’m interested to retrieve the amount of the swapped token I receive.
I couldn’t find anything relate to this in their SDK (maybe I missed it), and so wrapping my head around I found that the transaction I submit to operate the swap goes into a group of transactions (fee, appcall, and the two that operates the actual swap).
I have the ID of the first "fee transaction, and if somehow I can retrieve the last one transaction ID (maybe through the grpID) I can, from there, access the amount of the token I swapped for.
Is it possible somehow? I’m using python.
If not is there another way to retrieve that amount?
Thanks a lot!

Using the Algorand SDKs, if you have the signed or unsigned transactions, you can just loop through them and get the txids. for unsigned something like:

txids = [tx.get_txid() for tx in grouped_txns]

For signed:

txids = [tx.txn.get_txid() for tx in signed_txns]