Reward transaction

Hi, I am trying to get a block from v1 of the API of a reward transaction such as:

Is there any way to bring antigus blocks with V1, or could you provide me another example of a newer reward transaction, which is within the last 1000 blocks?

Welcome to Algorand @kondor !

v1 API is deprecated and should not be used

Now, you are also mentioning an issue with 1000 blocks.
This limitation is only for non-archival node.
If you want to access transactions before last 1000 blocks, you need to use an archival node or an API service: Ecosystem Tools & Projects | Algorand Developer Portal

There are no governance rewards within the last 1000 blocks now since all governances rewards are disbursed together at the end of each governance period.

Can you provide me with an example of a current reward transaction?

You can get all the addresses used for governance there:

For the Q2 2022 period (the last period for which rewards have been disbursed), the reward address was:

For example, Algorand Transaction is a transaction paying governance reward for Q2 2022.

None of these transactions are within 1000 blocks as they took place too long ago.

Thanks for your help, is there any way to be 100% sure that a transaction is a reward transaction? Is there anything that tells me?

For the last two period, the notes field of a rewards transaction had the format:


where <num> is the period number (2 or 3) and <addr> is the governor address