Rewards Mismatch for a particular Address


  • The Rewards shown in is 1.045833 Algos and has total of 8 transactions.
  • I looked up all the transactions and tried to match all the rewards for this particular address (includes senderRewards, ReceiverRewards, CloseRewards) which comes up to 0.003183.
  • Can any one please help me to understand if i am missing any important piece out there.

Rewards in includes pending rewards that have not been yet “claimed” by a transaction.
Since the last transaction of this account is 10 months ago, there are 10 months worth of pending rewards that do not appear in SenderRewards/ReceiveRewards/CloseRewards.

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@fabric Thanks that helped a lot and its correct as well . I have verified it from API as well

You can get from the API the rewards collected from the latest transaction:
The rewards distributed on that transaction to your address are in: accumulatedCloseRewards

The rest of the rewards are ‘pending’.

@fabrice , I again came across an address - BJYXF3FZYX2REUWWUMRHOF2VN6YZR6RWGPC2X5QDXU5J3ACY4M5ATYTAT4

which has 0 balance and only 3 transactions but i am not able to figure out how 0 zero balance is present. When i look up the individual transactions then summing up all the 3 did not change to 0.

The last transaction closes the remaining Algos in the account to That is why the balance is 0. See for more details.