Running testnet node in non archival mode

I wanted to develop on Algorand and tried to set up a private network for that but I faced some issues in that and then moved to test net. I followed the “Switching Networks” section of Algorand docs and also placed the config.json in the testnetdata folder. Archival was set to false in my config file but still while 133015 blocks have already been synced in 573 seconds.

The “Node configuration settings” of the Algorand docs say that non-archival nodes will only sync last 300 blocks and delete the rest. So will the blocks synced on my node deleted after the sync is completed or I didn’t set up the non-archival node mode properly?

It still processes all the blocks and that can take a long time. We are working on a project that will helpfully trim this time down a lot but for now it still takes a good amount of time. So what issues did you have with Private Network?

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Looking forward to such a project because it will be a great barrier for user adoption as well because either they’ll have to interact with the blockchain using a node hosted by application developer or host a node(with all data) themselves, right? . Please update as soon as such a project is ready for use.

For now, it took me around 5 hrs to sync the testnet and 1.82 GB which will definitely increase after some time.

I have asked the question related to private network in a separate thread which you have already answered. I’ll read, try the steps and revert.

Thank you