Sandbox Up issue - Algorand node, indexer node One or more services failed to start

This is a duplicate of another post but posting so I can hopefully get a response.
when I run the command
• $ ./sandbox up
I get the error described below.

**sandbox version :** Latest

**OS** macOS Monterrey 12.5.1 (21G83)

**Docker version** Docker Desktop 4.12.0 (85629)

**Full Error Message:**

 waiting for services to initialize.

the following did not start:

 algorand node

 indexer node

One or more services failed to start. 
**full file sandbox.log uploaded e.g. in Github gists or similar system, and linked there:**
  • Are you sure Docker is started? You can check using docker run hello-world and show the output.
  • Can you run docker compose version to check that docker compose actually works?

Also, your Docker can be updated.

When I encountered that problem deleting the stored images under the Docker Desktop associated to sandbox from previous starts also helped.

I think this may have had to do with the fact that I had recently updated my Mac’s OSX. It required me to re-download the XCode developer tools and was making many terminal commands work poorly until I did. Thanks for the help!