Problem starting up sandbox docker

I am going through the Algorand docs for the auction demo and am unable to lauch the sandbox docker container

Bringing up existing sandbox: ‘release’
see sandbox.log for detailed progress, or use -v.

  • docker containers started!
  • waiting for services to initialize.
    the following did not start:
  • algorand node
  • indexer node
    One or more services failed to start.

OS -MacOS Monterey 12.4
sandbox log - sandbox.log · GitHub

Welcome to Algorand!

The message

/usr/local/bin/docker-compose: Bad CPU type in executable

indicates that docker x86 was installed instead of Apple Silicon

You either need to install docker Apple Silicon (Install Docker Desktop on Mac) or (not recommended) install Rosetta 2 and set the terminal appropriately (terminal - zsh: bad CPU type in executable - Ask Different).

I am using an intel chip though…

Still doesn’t work with the Apple Silicon Version

If you’re using an Intel chip, then be sure to install Docker Desktop for Intel.
Uninstall completely Docker and re-install only the Intel version.

What happens is you write:


in the terminal