Problem with Algorand Sandbox "Getting Started"

I want to use the Algorand Sandbox. I’m on macOS on a Macbook with M1 chip. After installing docker-compose and making sure the daemon is running, I open a terminal and run:

git clone
cd sandbox
./sandbox up

The result is:

Pulling indexer-db (postgres:13-alpine)…
13-alpine: Pulling from library/postgres
595b0fe564bb: Already exists
343d254f5bda: Already exists
94173ef17c94: Already exists
b1732827bd55: Downloading [==================> ] 21.54MB/58.82MB
592d5197fc17: Download complete
78450ea37007: Download complete
1f8cd65c72c6: Download complete

The download of b1732827bd55 is never completed. Why is that and how can I fix it?

For me it works… However you might be using different architecture then my cpu…

The issue is between your computer and docker hub… I assume it will be in your computer (low storage or corrupted image downloaded, firewall issue, etc)

Try to clean the docker images or run “docker pull postgres:13-alpine” from console


Thank you for the reply. I now see that this is a docker problem and not an Algorand Sandbox problem. So, seems my question does not belong into this forum.

Anyway, I tried the things you suggested: running “docker pull postgres:13-alpine” gives the same problem. I checked and the issue is not low storage or corrupted image downloaded. And I disabled my firewall, so I think it should not interfere with my download. Also, the problem persists after deleting all docker images.