Secure type of deployment

I want to know if there is a way for secure way of deployment contract in Algorand.

For example in others chains, i can use hardware wallet and some online ide (remix for example) to have a secure wallet for deployment, rather than create a private key in local and lack of security, then run script.

I want to know if there are a similar way like that in Algorand? some tool support sign/submit txn/deployment with hardware wallet?

You can:

  • use any of the standard dApp wallet (AlgoSigner, MyAlgoConnect, or WalletConnect). This requires a frontend in JS deploying the application.
  • use kmd API which essentially allows you to do all the goal account ... commands and goal clerk sign related commands. In particular it should allow you to access a Ledger Wallet (Though I have not tested it via the API but just the goal command line): kmd — algosdk documentation

Note however that for very secure deployment, I would most likely not recommend to just use a hardware wallet but to think of more advanced security, such as using multisig.

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