Send Future Transactions Triggered by a Group Transaction

I was wondering if it’s possible to somehow trigger a future transaction using another transaction. I don’t think it’s possible just using an innertxn. I was wondering if you could call that future transaction in the same group transaction.

The app I’m trying to build involves storing a state, then checking that state after 1 or more blocks.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this or if it’s even possible? Any feedback or thoughts would also be greatly appreciated, thanks!

You cannot schedule a transaction in the future: when you submit a transaction it is immediately executed and added to the blockchain.

What you can do is have an external service making the transaction at the right time (whether directly or by submitting a transaction that generates an inner transaction).

Using smart contracts or smart signatures, you don’t need to trust this service to run the correct transactions: the smart contract or smart signature can check that (and pay for the fee so that the service does not need to have an actual Algorand account and sign anything).
However, you need to trust the service that it will execute the transaction at some point.
That being said, you can engineer the system so that anyone can execute the transaction, so if the service is down and other users have incentives to be sure the transaction is made, these other users will make the transaction.

Alright thanks ! That makes sense.