Signedtxn has no sig when signing with Ledger Nano S Plus

I am using Algosigner from a website I am building but, unfortunately, transactions signed from the Ledger (Algorand app v 1.2.16) are not sent, with that error in subject. The same code, when used to sign a transaction from an account not in the ledger, works correctly!

What I found different is that the signature is 86 bytes long and with a lot of trailing zeros with the Ledger, while it is 64 bytes with the sw account in Algosigner.

Is there maybe a problem with the Algorand app in the Ledger?

Looks like my problem is due to the fact that I am passing 2 args + method selector, for a total of 3 args to the app call I am trying to sign.

Were you ultimately successful?

Nope, that’s a hardware limitation of the Ledger.