TEAL program : protocol error

Hi all,

I’m exploring the features related to TEAL.
I created a stupid TEAL file named simple.teal like this:

// simple.teal
// Do not use this in a real application
int 0

Then I created the transaction file simple.teal.txn by this command:

goal clerk send
–from-program simple.teal
–amount 1000
–out simple.teal.txn
–datadir $HOME/algorand/data/.algorand-testnet

Then I tried to run an offline transaction test by this command:

goal clerk dryrun --txfile simple.teal.txn

Here is the error message:

program failed Check: program version 2 greater than protocol supported version 1

How could this happen?
Any help?


Which version of algorand do you have?

Can you run goal version -v?


goal version -v --datadir $HOME/algorand/data/.algorand-testnet
Version: [v1 v2]
GenesisID: testnet-v1.0
Build: 2.0.75516.master [master] (commit #6e6a19ae+)

It would be helpful if you would have used any of the official releases rather then the self-compiled code from master.

i.e. It’s harder for me to associate a hash number with a certain set of released features.

( note that I’m not suggesting that there is anything wrong with your node; you might be working on a version that has some not-yet-released features )

The release/stable branch contains the latest released version.

If you want to compile the code yourself, the tag of the last stable v2.0.7-stable works on my computer.
Do: git checkout v2.0.7-stable and then recompile everything. But the official releases are even simpler to use.

I will try with the offical release or the v2.0.7-stable sources.
Thanks a lot for your help.