Testnet Algod API


Is there any public Algod API for Testnet? I found the API from AlgoExplorer, but it only supports the mainnet.

AlgoExplorer API supports mainnet, testnet and betanet, you need to change the root URL:

We are also supporting v2 and indexer APIs but in beta mode:
v1: https://api.algoexplorer.io/v2
Indexer: https://api.algoexplorer.io/idx2
v2: https://api.algoexplorer.io/v2

v1: https://api.algoexplorer.io/swagger.json
Indexer: https://api.algoexplorer.io/idx2/swagger.json
v2: https://api.algoexplorer.io/v2/swagger.json


Hi algoking,

Purestake’s API also supports mainnet, testnet and betanet, already updated for Algod and Indexer v2:

Signup: https://developer.purestake.io/

For Indexer:
V2: https://testnet-algorand.api.purestake.io/idx2
V1: https://testnet-algorand.api.purestake.io/idx1

For Algod:
V2: https://testnet-algorand.api.purestake.io/ps2
V1: https://testnet-algorand.api.purestake.io/ps1

You can change the “testnet” word for mainnet and betanet if needed.

In there Developer’s Portal you can find the documentation and some examples, as well as a link to a GitHub repo with examples (https://github.com/PureStake/api-examples).


Hi, I tried to get a transaction with txid by https://api.algoexplorer.io/idx2/transactions?txid=7MK6WLKFBPC323ATSEKNEKUTQZ23TCCM75SJNSFAHEM65GYJ5ANQ .

But got this response: {"error":"Request not found, please keep participating"}

Oh, I missed a /v2/ after the /idx2/. :sweat_smile: The right link is https://api.algoexplorer.io/idx2/v2/transactions?txid=7MK6WLKFBPC323ATSEKNEKUTQZ23TCCM75SJNSFAHEM65GYJ5ANQ

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Can’t open the page: https://developer.purestake.io/

It works now. it’s my networking issue :sweat_smile:.

Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

pleases, correct the link, for other users.

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Sure, corrected. Does these api have any rate limit?

Hi, @pipaman

When using this api https://api.algoexplorer.io/idx2/v2/accounts/OA22LGYZJKZVG2PZQKIMRQ26L7OBJFDUB6ZFOMVLRSZB7KLAYSNUOSWQDQ to get the information of an account, I got this error:

{"message":"failed while searching for account: account_round err pq: cannot cast type jsonb to bigint"}

Do you know how to solve this? Thanks.

We are looking for a solution to the issue, we are getting the same error hitting directly to the indexer locally.

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There was an error the first time I searched this on our own Indexer, but it cleared up on subsequent searches. There must be a bug in the Indexer Reader service itself.

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We are researching but so far it looks like something related to Postgres version and the indexer service itself.
But, we want to see if we can workaround the issue updating.

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Hi @Tim and @algoking ,

One of the issues is generated on this SQL sentence: SELECT (v -> 'account_round')::bigint as account_round FROM metastate WHERE k = 'state'

Saw similar issues in Postgres history for similar queries trying to extract a value from a stored json object.

For now, all indicates upgrading Postgres to latest version would solve it. We are working on it and expect to have news soon.