The default list of Relay Nodes

Could you help on how to retrieve the list of Relay Nodes that can be reached from a node using the default setting "DNSBootstrapID": "<network>" of config.json that, for what I understood, is maintained by Algorand Foundation.
Could you please help me on how to make this query to retrieve the Cloudflare DNS SRV Record, especially for mainnet?
I’m not experienced on the DNS stuff so if you could provide some explanatory documentation I would be glad to review it.
I imagine that with similar steps one can retrieving this information also for testnet and betanet.

In a shell -

TestNet: dig -t SRV
MainNet: dig -t SRV

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Thanks a lot, @Tim

Had to append the DNS resolver (e.g. @ at the end to make it work on my shell, though.

TestNet: dig -t SRV @
MainNet: dig -t SRV @