Relay Node Setup


I am new here. I skimmed through the forum for answers but I have not been able to find them. I am wondering if I can get some assistance with setting up a node for RPC relay for pocket network. I was able to setup the node using the documentation however I am unsure which parameters to configure in the config.json file.

I think I need to set the following but not sure what else
EndpointAddress to
NetAddress to 4161
Lastly, would i need to send my host:port to for registration?

Thanks in advanced for the assistance.

My understanding is that pocket network relays have no relation to Algorand relays and can be just normal (archival?) Algorand nodes (so no NetAddress).
I do not know how to configure Pocket Network relays though. You need to check with Pocket Network.

Actual Algroand relays are more expensive to run (in particular due to high bandwidth requirements) and if you are interested to run a relay, it makes more sense to participate in programs such as should not be used anymore.

Thank you for replying. So if I setup an Algorand node, for example like this video, does it automatically start responding to rpc calls?

It definitely allows people to connect to your node and answer REST queries.
(algod uses REST not RPC).

But you need to do something more to make it join Pocket Network.