How do I configure my node to connect to the MainNet?

Should I edit updatekey.json? And what should I put in it?

Thanks for asking the question.

I am keen to learn as well to point my node to mainnet.

Found the answer.
Just replace genesis.json with

where did you find this guide @elvinsophus?

@jevinoh if you look under your ~/node directory, assuming that you installed everything under that dir, you will find a folder called genesisfiles . There you will find three subfolders, devnet, mainnet and testnet. There you will find the genesis.json files.

If you do a new install it should default to MainNet. If you have testnet running shut it down, create a new data directory for MainNet, copy the genesis.json from the genesisfiles/mainnet directory into it. Start the node and point at the new directory
./goal node start -d ~/node/newdirwithgenesisfile

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Can confirm that a fresh install defaults to the mainnet. Anyone running a relay node already? Does anyone know estimate rewards for running a participant and a relay node?

oh. i see they are there. Let’s see if it works.

I setup my first node today, Im default on Mainnet, but i cant get my account online due to insufficent funds

That is correct until you have tokens. Did win tokens in the Auctions?

Anyone already accepted on whitelist for relay node? How many days do you usually got confirmation from the team that your node is accepted for relay?

I think you can know more about it in this thread.

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Relays on MainNet are heavily scrutinized and we are not currently accepting public offers. Once things have settled and we have processes and policies in place we will let everyone know.

I saw that has already launched the currency and can ask their technicians.

These are the instructions that I also found in the documentation as well, however, I noticed that after installation, I do not have the testnet and mainnet folders included in the ~node/genesisfiles folder. Instead, the only content of the ~node/genesisfiles folder is the genesis.json file for the DevNet, included as a direct child of ~node/genesisfiles. I am wondering if anyone else has come across this issue after installation.

What installer ( if any ) did you use to have the node installed on your computer ?
generally speaking, the only “requirement” for an initial data directory is the genesis file.
Once you have that, the node should be capable of generating it’s own data tree(s) there.

Hi @tsachi! I used the Mac installer (install_master_darwin-amd64.tar.gz) to install the node on my computer. I suppose you are right that I could just grab the appropriate publicly available genesis.json files from algorand’s GitHub repo and start the node with that, which I have just done with seemingly no issues (currently syncing with TestNet). I was just wondering how others seemed to have had those genesis.json files downloaded automatically by the installation script and I had to manually grab them from the repo. Just a bit of a strange observation that made me question if I was doing things correctly. Nevertheless, thanks for refocusing me to a viable solution. Cheers!