Running a Relay Node

How does one get added to the SRV record and test out relaying?

Nevermind - just saw this: - short answer is to send your host:port to


Also, the corresponding documentation on the developer website is here:

The plan is to consolidate the latest and greatest documentation on the developer website, so best to refer to that for the most up-to-date. We will be cleaning up the GitHub repo in the near future so that will be clear there as well.

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Hi. I have a relay node running for a couple of days now. Already sent an email to but haven’t got a reply yet.

Just want to know if the team would send you confirmation email that the node you set up is qualified for the main net.


Things are a little busy right now. If you do not hear from us in a few weeks, please ping us again.

Thank you for your patience.


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what is the process to qualify for mainnet relay nodes?

The process for MainNet relays has not be determined yet. I expect it will not be any time soon (maybe within 6 months). It depends on how things go and where we and the Foundation have available resources.

so I guess it’s better to switch to normal node for now. Will try to set up relay node once requirements are final

Depends on what you want. If you want to run a relay we can get that set up soon. If you want to run on mainnet then a non-relay node can be done on your own.

Let us know what you’re looking for.


we have same concern with @jleni

I’m currently running as a relay node in mainnnet but it would be a waste of time if it turns out we are not qualified for that.

Correct, if you have set up a node to run as a Relay on MainNet but you were not given an official on-boarding through the Foundation, then you are not actually functioning as a Relay and you might want to turn it off for now.

got it. Will there be a chance that a normal user like me can setup a relay node in the future?

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Indeed, you can set up a relay node now and run it; and you can open it up for people to opt-in to connecting to it. We have a built-in mechanism for locating vetted relays to connect to using DNS records. You’re free to override our discovery mechanism for your own node and connect to specific relays. This allows anyone to run a relay and advertise their IP/DNS name, and others can opt-in to connecting to it. The documentation around this isn’t fully fleshed out, but some of it will be covered if you look for “phonebook.json” on (not yet published so this won’t find anything yet).

That’s good, but running an AWS instance for a relay node is something not precisely cheap. To participate in the growth and development of algorand is the main reason but I’d need to know the rewards scheme for relay runners so I can make my calculations to cover the costs and get some margin in terms of extra algos. To clarify this matter I think it would be good to publish the conditions to be relay and what method to designate them.

I would love to run a relay node.


A month or so ago I read the documentation at : and wanted to help out and run a relay node on the permissonless (4th word, first paragraph) network that is Algorand.

I paid to upgrade my internet to 350 mbps with static IPs and bought a £3.5K machine.

I have just set up the node and finished synching it.

I need to set it up as a relay node still, but am reading here that that I need some sort of umm… permission from the Algorand Foundation to be recognised as a relay node as the FAQ that was released 10 days states that “the Algorand Foundation has given early supporters around the world who agreed to run relay nodes at network launch the opportunity to earn Algos in exchange. This early support program is closed…”

Please could you clarify whether it is a permissionless network or not in light of this comment?

Please could you advise me on how to proceed in light of my wish to support the growth of the Algorand network and the investment that reflects this?

Many thanks in advance,